Giveaway Of The Day increases Twitter audience using Retranstwitter

Retranstwitter has proven its effectiveness in increasing the social media reach on Twitter. Service that was generally meant to ease up retweeting job for any user has proven its effectiveness for marketing gurus as well.

Latest story of success puts Retranstwitter with one of the best projects in its niche – (thereafter GOTD). Within just a month RTT effectively spread the word about the project among over 400K potentially new users. And this number is still going up.

Nowadays Twitter is not only a short messages blog for ordinary users but a powerful marketing tool for every project owner, where retweets make a big difference, granting additional reach to your messages. The opportunity to make those reposts automatically adds to your project’s audience growth day by day. That’s when Retranstwitter might come in handy. Continue reading

Few things to brag about

Okay, I guess it’s high time to let you know how we’ve been doing for the first several months. Get ready to be jealous!

At the moment the army of Retranstwitter users counts about 2.5K people who at least once authorized the app to post auto-retweets on Twitter. You, guys, created 1 920 rules (323 of which are public). Continue reading

Retranstwitter: the easiest way to automate your retweets

Hello world and the mighty empire of Twitterers!

Finally we’ve got a blog, so from now on it would be easier to communicate with you, guys: tell you all about new features of our service, maybe a bit about problems we have along the way, and other stuff you might find interesting.

But first things first. Let us once again tell you what Retranstwitter is all about.

Retranstwitter is the ultimate tool for smart and easy retweeting. Not only it automatically posts and manages your retweets, but it is also highly customizable and easy to use.

A few reasons you should try Retranstwitter: Continue reading